Jack's Maki

30 minutes prep, chill in fridge serve anytime (feeds 2)




1 cup of Sushi Rice
4 tbsp rice Vinegar 
2 sheets of sushi Seaweed
pinch of Salt 
1 tbsp Sugar 

Soy sauce for dipping
Pickled Ginger and wasabi for garnish


choose any filling, very small amount needed
( Cucumber,  Carrot, Pickled yellow radish, Avocado, cooked prawns) 


prepare the rice

(most rice packs come with cooking directions on the bag)

  1. rinse the rice under the cold water tap to remove excess starch.

  2. mix 1 cup of drained rice with 1.5 cups of  water and bring to boiling point in a pan, simmer and stir every 2 minutes for roughly 8 mins or until water has completely disappeared only stir rice with a wooden utensil/spoon. turn off the heat then leave to steam for 10 minutes, leave covered with a lid.

  3. heat the vinegar in a microwave or in a pan, add sugar and salt, remove the vinegar mix from the heat once dissolved, then stir vinegar mix into the cooked rice to give it that distinctive sushi flavour and sticky texture.

  4. Chop Fillings thinly ready to add to the roll

  5. The Roll. (see video)