I have been searching for selflessness​ 

although I'm not sure that it exists.

I have been searching here, there and everywhere,

It must be out there I insist.


A random act of kindness to a stranger never met,

a gift from the bottom of your heart, earnt with blood, tears and sweat.


But despite all efforts one thing still remains,

a gift is given with a selfish gain.


Can you truly give to another without feeling just or pride?

Can you give without a gain, be apart from the receiving side?


one way you can try is by removing all attachment, give yourself fully and don't hold back, give a gift wrapped present and don't be present for the unveiling of the surprise.


like the tooth fairy and Easter bunny adults know selflessness can't be real, I'm unconvinced as of now but have hope that it still exists.


If it is real then I will find it, I will look high & low, keep my eyes open wide, But for now i'm certain with the fact that I am no doubt selfish with pride.

by Jack Tattersall