Yoga my friend, my hubby, my wife



Who said yoga was for the weak?,

They've clearly never tried Vinyasa in heat.

"Its for lazy people" so said he,

Then ask him how long he can hold tree.

"My flexability sucks, I cant touch my toes."

Then dont do that just see where it goes.

"My hamstrings are tight, I'm loosing this fight."

Go gentle dont force in time it will right.

"Down dogs so fustrating, my heels off the floor."

Then practice three legged it will stretch you much more.

"Sanskrit! whats that?, ok now I'm confused."

Pranyama means breath, Padangustan - touch your toes."

The why nots have been covered but what about why?

"why should I waste an hour of my time?"

Because it will reset your thoughts and loosen your body.

Because 1 minute stressed can be 60 seconds happy.

Your energy will shift to a much better place.

Transforms you, adorns you, puts a smile on your face.

Discover parts of your body you didn't  know you had.

An ancient practice, no passing fad.

The first time you connect you'll never look back.

Your conservative friends will think you've gone wack.

End of practice, Corpse pose where have you been all my life?

Yoga my friend, my hubby, my wife.

by Jack Tattersall